Day 77: Stuck in Guayaquil – Battery dead

I was excited to get back again on the road and as I finally got ready to go (I always needed some time to get all my luggage on the bike which used to be pretty annoying) there was… NOTHING! When I turned the keys and tried to push the bottom for the starter the engine did not make a single sound. I could not believe it…

I soon realised that not even the lights of the display were switched on. I asked myself if I might have forgotten to switch off the lights but I would have for sure realised since the bike was parked in a rather dark garage.

Also the hotel staff did not realise I had the lights on since my BMW was the favourite of all of them, lol.

So, no… there must have been a different reason which I should unfortunately not find out.

I brought the motorbike with the help of one of the hotel staff to the next BMW dealer after we managed to bridge the battery with the help of a car (you should usually not do that because of the risk of technical errors).

Arriving there the mechanic checked the battery and only shook his head. “The battery is dead señor, we need to order a new one which will take a couple of days”. Great, I was in the best mood and did not even know why the heck the battery was dead.

We tried to find a solution and finally they offered me to ride with a generic battery as long as the other one would be coming. I gladly accepted the offer and already had a plan in my mind how to bridge the couple of days until the original battery would arrive.

Unfortunately I lost one day in my already tight schedule and needed to make comprises (again).