Day 78: Chalhuanca to Paracas – Amazing Landscapes

Conclusion of the day: Never stay in a party hostel after a long day on the bike, lol. Read hear why… 


From Chalhuanca to Paracas:

Distance: 599 km

Time: 12 hours

Road: Asphalt

Difficulty: Easy

Lama, Peru
Lama, Peru


The Peruvian Andes have everything a biker’s heart desires! Amazing landscapes, beautiful roads with seemingly endless curves and… freezing cold temperatures, lol. The Andes merciless demands everything from you and the right equipment should be well selected. See here my choice of gear.


Nasca Lines

When I first considered to stay possibly for one night in Nasca, I spontaneously decided to keep on riding. I did not take too many breaks, made really good progress and rather enjoyed the curvy roads in the Andes. I passed again the world famous archaeological site of Nasca (for more pictures and  my last post click here) but this time without climbing up the tower.

Nasca lines, Peru

Where to (not) stay in Paracas

When I arrived in Paracas it was already late and of course I was super tired. I followed the advice of travelers who recommended to stay at Hostel Kokopelli  which was directly located at the beach. Theoretically a nice place to stay with good wifi, chill out area, swimming pool and enough space to park your bike inside the hostel.

When it was quiet and relaxed in the early evening the situation changed quite drastically in the night.

After a well deserved beer at the bar I went straight to bed and felt immediately to sleep… I did not even need ear plugs… well, this is what I thought at least. All of a sudden I heard noise coming from across the room. Apparently, two young party people “felt in love” and decided to share their “private get together” with all the other guests in the room.

It was so extremely loud that we all started to complain, switched on the lights and asked the couple to stop their love game. Without success!!!! I could not believe it.

Frustrated I went down to the bar and had another beer with the hope the show would be finished later on. I was lucky… When I came back I only heard them snoring. What a night!!!!

Chalhuanca to Paracas