Day 78: Guayaquil to Chucchilan – It must have been great

Luckily the battery did not have to be exchanged and simply recharged over night. Still, I was disappointed that only after a bit more than a week I already had problems with the lifetime my BMW’s “heart”. Meaning I could never leave my bike for more than a couple of days without being worried to find someone who would be able to recharge the battery or even to pick up my whole ride to get it fixed.

It gave me goosebumps when thinking about this kind of scenario when being in an isolated area where for sure the BMW service would take ages to get there or to even make a phone call. The legendary status of a non-breakable bike was gone.

Furthermore, I urgently needed to exchange one of my fork dealings which was broken and overtime I hit a new bump I was literally seeing the oil spoiling outside.

I don’t know why I had a service with 20 k km on my mind but I realised that suddenly my control lights were indicating a service… not after 20 k but after 10 k already. I had to get in touch with BMW in Lima where I was planning to spend a couple of days with Emilie. A great opportunity to check out the capital of food and to let my friends from BMW make the service. Perfect!

Anyways, when I picked up my ride and started to make my way up to Chucchilan I unfortunately did not have to wait for very long until the beautiful blue sky was gone and I faced some ugly grey weather with plenty of rain. Not enough, I could barely see anything since someone had the great idea to combine it with mist. Thank you Petrus! LOL!

Having said, I did not really see a lot from the apparently beautiful landscape and also the ride was not really fun but rather exhausting.

When I was stopping in Quevedo to check out the lagoon I “surprisingly” did only see a grey wall. Great… What a day!!!! The accommodations at the lagoon were just horrible and I decided to drive further to a tiny village called Chucchilan and a hostel which my friend Mark from Galapagos recommended to stay apparently.

Arriving there late in the evening with my clothes totally wet I found an amazing hidden treasure up a small path on a mountain side, the Black Sheep’s Inn. Wood was burning in the chimney and I made immediately friends with some international travelers. The food was gorgeous and I had for the first time since a couple of weeks a glass of really good wine from Chile.

Finally, some light at the end of the tunnel, lol.

Guayaquil to Chucchilan