Day 80: Puyo to Cuenca – Simply Beautiful

When I woke up the next morning I amazingly was lucky again and the rain stopped, just leaving its marks again on the road in form of some flooding. Incredible how much it rained in just one single night and I could suddenly understand why it is not advisable to come here during the rainy season. 

I was furthermore happy to have stopped yesterday not only because of the weather but also because of a beautiful road which was awaiting me. Besides heavy traffic the scenery was breathtaking again, only when passing Banos I was a bit disappointed.

Not really able to competently judge the town I felt clearly overwhelmed by the “fun park” which was full of tourist attractions and I was happy to simply drive through. The area, landscape and surrounding atmosphere is certainly stunning but not Banos as such.

Driving through absolutely gorgeous landscapes and passing the towns of Riobamba and Alausi I not only discovered that Ecuadorians love pork meat but I also finally arrived in the charming town of Cuenca.

I got myself a nice dorm in a hip hostel in the middle of downtown which used to be a restaurant/bar during day and early evening and provided shelter during the night.

Exactly what I was looking for…

After a nice dinner and a couple of happy hour drink I continued my way together with the bar personnel to a local club where Latin music was animating the locals to swing their hips.

I was blaming my stiff German movements on the long motorbike ride, lol.

It worked, haha.

Puyo to Cuenca