Day 81: A Charming Town Called Cuenca

I started my day late since the happy hour left some marks behind which I could not get rid off during the night. I also forgot to drink some water which made it even worse… well it was a fun night and I did not regret it. One shall celebrate the fiestas as they come 😀 

When it was nice and sunny the day before, Ecuador was showing once more its ugly side and it was almost raining the whole day. I tried to not let affect myself too much by this and started wondering around the beautiful cobblestone streets and colonial style buildings.

Besides being simply a great chilled out town with beautiful old buildings it is also famous for its Panama hats… some surprises will be waiting for my beloved ones 😀 But shhhhhh…. don’t tell anyone 😀

In the evening I was planning to work on my blog which I was running a bit behind and took my laptop with me for dinner. Someone was obviously against me continuing my daily journal when I met a group of international volunteers who were supporting street kids in Ecuador. Great folks… Having said, working on my blog remained an open task 😀