Day 82: Cuenca to Macara – 8 Hours of Wonderful Curves and Beautiful Scenery

Even though I was determined to cross the border into Peru again that day I barely made it to Macara, the small ugly border town of Ecuador. 

The ride was again amazing though and the weather was sort of ok but I was looking forward to better conditions in Peru again. Most likely due to bad weather the road was affected by minor landslides and rockfalls and I had to pay attention that cars would not be cutting my side of the road which they were actually doing pretty regularly.

From time to time I was passing by small towns and could watch the locals playing their favourite game. Like George Clooney would be saying in one of his typical coffee adverts: “Football, what else!?”

Mascara was really just a stop over and I was struggling to find something properly to eat that evening. I ended up in having greasy fries and a portion of healthy ice cream. I was already doing better in the past, lol.

Ecuador did not really do me a favour in regards to its weather but for sure I would be returning to this beautiful country  to spend some more time on trekking activities in future.

Gracias Ecuador, Muchas Gracias Galapagos!

Cuenca to Macara