Day 83: Macara to Huanchaco – Flying Down the Panam

Guess, I am getting a certain routine in crossing borders. The border at Macara belongs certainly to the easiest ones.

People at both sides were super friendly and efficient with the paper works.

First I had to get my exit stamp at the immigration office on the Ecuadorian side which is a white container just before a bridge.

Afterwards I had to return the motorbike papers to the douana which is literally just next to it.

Thereafter, I went over the bridge and stopped at the Peruvian immigration office to get my entrance stamp (90 days)

Unfortunately my old insurance was not valid anymore and I had to get therefore a new one.

There were two shops selling the so called SUAT. One shop was just next to it but apparently was sold out. This was also the place where the cheaper insurances were sold. “Damn it!”

The second shop was located straight after the bridge and I had to walk back for a couple of meters. Apparently, they were selling the same insurance I got the first time. 30 dollars for a month or in our case 2 weeks. 3 times more expensive than at the other place… “Great!”

Anyways, after buying my new insurance I went back again to the Peruvian Douana to get my motorbike registration papers. They even did the copies themselves and after not even one hour I was ready to hit the road again.

No long lines, almost no waiting… I was lucky!

Even though the roads were following a more and more straight line, it still took me around 2 hours to get to Piura (including a short break for breakfast in one of the next small towns). I was glad to have made the decision to stop at Macara the evening before since I would have barely made it.

However, the rest of the day was easy and luckily the traffic was besides Chiclayo rather quiet. I could fully make use of my nice road tires and was even before 4 pm in Huanchaco, the beach town I enjoyed already a couple of weeks ago.

I missed the Peruvian food and ordered immediately a lomo saltado (my favourite dish 🙂

I was not sure if I should make it to Lima in one or two days but did not want to think about it too much anymore. A decision should have been made the next morning… tranquilo, I was perfectly on time to pick up Emilie from the airport 🙂

Macara to Huanchaco