Day 97: Arica to Iquique – Fill up Your Spare Petrol Containers

After I came back at the hotel at 5 am in the morning there was no chance to continue my trip to Atacama in 2 hours again, lol. I had to change plans and finally woke up again around…

midday to have a late breakfast and decided to drive to Iquique at least, a surfer town at the coast of Chile.

Luckily Fabi – El Loco – from the Tucumanos told me to take spare petrol with me since there was no more petrol station on the way and Iquique was roughly 300 km away from Arica. Theoretically, I could have made it in one go but I did not want to challenge my luck.

I enjoyed the drive through the desert and was happy to have filled up my camel back in the morning. Temperatures around 35°C made it difficult not to lose liquids and I finished my 2 litres even before arriving in Iquique.

Sleeping at a surfer hostel I could not wait to continue my travel and finally see Atacama which everyone was talking about since I started my trip…

Arica to Iquique