Do What you Love, Love What You Do – A Life Lesson From a Lawyer-Barber

In 2016, we met a barber in Chiang Mai, Thailand, who taught us a life lesson about listening to one’s heart and not to the society’s expectations…

“I studied law in Bangkok but never really worked in this field. In Thailand everyone wants to have a diploma, so I decided to study as well. I thought I was too young and inexperienced to have my own business.

After graduation I opened my own second hand shop, selling clothes and shoes from America and Japan.

Since 5 years I partnered up with my best friend and run The Cutler’s barbershop.

When you see an opportunity you have to go for it. Don’t think too much, otherwise you might miss the chance. It is like seeing a girl you desire. If you think too much someone else will take her.”

Deuce is 36 years old and is living a happy life, he is divorced and has still a great relationship to his ex-wife. Together they take care of their 5 year old child who he picks up every weekend.

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