Hide and Seek

We were just having our first romantic dinner at Mirissa beach, when Emilie managed to get a fish bone stuck in her throat. The whole experience resulted in swallowing rice, slices of white bread, two whole bananas in one piece (yes, you read correctly) to remove it.
Obviously, we lost our appetites for our two fresh fishes and we were relieved to get early to bed that night and forget about this (additional) adventure. Tired from the nerve racking experience we fell asleep immediatly, dreaming of our ideal traveling experience.

In the middle of the night, Dom suddenly wakes up and hears a noise. He notices some light coming from the door of the room and realises that a burglar is sneaking trough the door…while Emilie remains petrified in the bed. Her heart is beating like she had just ran a marathon.

“Just do something” is telling her brain but she simply can’t move. She waits…for something to happen.

“MOTHERF?!#&”????❗❗”, Dom shouts as there would be no tomorrow.

How relieved Emilie is to realise that Dom is truly the hero who seduced her a year and a half ago. Luckily Dom has a pretty loud voice which he just used to his perfection. The burglar is so afraid that he almost falls on his butt and runs away like a headless chicken.


Apparently, Dom woke up the entire village and no single minute after the host family is standing in front of our door. Still unsure what just happened we explain the incident and the local hunt starts.

After half an hour, our host comes back and holds a very thin man like a trophy in his hands.

“Is it him?” he asks, “I found him in the backyard and his story smells dog poo!”

Unsure of the identity of the guy, Dom can’t really point him out as the guilty burglar while Emilie recovers from her fear.

The crowd disappears together with the thin man in the dark again. Still shocked and happy to have survived another adventure, we both try to fall asleep again… #not!

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