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How many people continue to exist in a state of misery and unhappiness and seemingly do nothing to change it? How many people go to their deaths with unfulfiled dreams?  Alternatively, how many people are willing to take risks in their lives, willing to do things and seek out new challenges time after time?

George Kohlrieser

Professor of Leadership, IMD business school, Lausanne, Switzerland


Presentation at "Clube Motard de São Miguel", Azores, Portugal, May 2019
Presentation at “Clube Motard de São Miguel”, Azores, Portugal, May 2019


Dominik Reinhard had everything. A successful career as business man in the life science industry, a master in Business Administration at one of the world’s most renowned business schools, a jet-setter lifestyle, supportive friends and a caring family. But was he truly happy? No…

A world trip into the unknown should deliver answers. Answers to what is truly important in life.

He quit his six-figure-income-job, gave up his apartment, sold all of his belongings, told his family and friends good bye and started a 2,5 year epic adventure into the unknown.

An adventure full of uncertainty which resulted in 10 fundamental life learnings and an incremental change of his life philosophy. 10 life learnings which inspire to think about becoming a better leader and help to start an own transitional self-development journey.

About the key note presentation

“Uncertainty – A Motorcycle Adventure into the Unknown” is an inspirational key note presentation for companies, travel events or motorcycle clubs. In combination with pictures and videos Dominik shows and explains how to…

  1. Take risks and get out of the comfort zone
  2. Think positive and stay calm in crisis situations
  3. Solve problems in a creative way
  4. Understand different cultures
  5. Become humble
  6. Give Back
  7. Avoid overthinking
  8. Discover passion
  9. Become realistic
  10. Get rich
Presentation at IMD Business School - Class of 2016 Reunion in Cairo, Egypt, June 2019
Presentation at IMD Business School – Class of 2016 Reunion in Cairo, Egypt, June 2019


Book your tailor made inspirational key note presentation (in English or German) for your group- or company event…


Are there topics which are in particular of interest? How to deal with uncertainty for example? No problem, I will take more time to stress out the basic principles in order to transform fear and paralysis into a source of energy, excitement and creativity.

I will take photography and audiovisual components out of my adventure and will demonstrate how to successfully manage crisis and uncertainty – in real life and under risky situations.

About the Key Note Speaker

Dominik Reinhard was born 1981 in the industrial town of Ludwigshafen am Rhein in Germany. Curious by nature, He studied environmental sciences at the University of Koblenz-Landau and worked for more than 10 years in the life science industry. He held various management positions at SME to large multinational organisations.

In 2016, he accomplished his executive MBA at IMD business school with focus on Leadership.

Thereafter, he started an unforgettable life changing journey with his “motorcycle adventure into the unknown”.

Dominik speaks 5 different languages and lived in various countries like Germany, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Brazil and Colombia.

His passions are photography (with specialisation on portrait-, landscape- and wildlife photography) and anything which increases his adrenaline level. Born as a true optimist, he is a life explorer and adventurer.

Please visit Dominik’s linkedin profile for more information, here.


Dominik’s key note presentation was very well received by my entrepreneurship students at the Pontificia University Javeriana. The combination of his adventures and life learnings were simply inspiring. Uncertainty needs to be seen as an opportunity and consequently progress for personal self-development.

Gerardo Lasso

Professor of Entrepreneurship, Pontificia University Javeriana, Cali, Colombia