Learn How to Let Go

Who hasn’t already dreamed once about just leaving the job, pursuing a new career, starting an own business, moving to the country of your dreams, traveling the world or even starting an entirely new life?!

Yet, many people stay where they are. Dissatisfied with their life situation, stuck with their jobs they hate and relationships they don’t appreciate. Fear of losing financial “security”, fear of not “belonging” anymore, fear of being “alone”, fear of “change” or even worst… fear of “living” a possibly happy and successful life.

Working day in and day out seems to be the perfect way to not focus on what we really want or what really matters… Pleasing other people to receive confirmation in order to feel good about ourselves seems to be another illusion to live a “successful” life in our today’s society. When did we stop to follow our passion and live a meaningful life?

Why is it so difficult to make changes and set a new course towards a new life or at least to make improvements on the one or the other aspect? Change means efforts. Change means getting out of our comfort zone and taking on risks. Change means to have the power to let go and to face the uncertainty.  Uncertainty is for many people a synonym of fear and therefore the enemy of progress.

Having the courage to face the uncertainty feels like walking alone in the dark but with a sense of optimism and faith we have the possibility to discover our true self and unleash our true potential.

Abraham Lincoln once said “The best way to predict your future is to create it”.

Imagine yourself at age 80 and you look back at your life. Would you be living your life the same way again? What advice would you be giving your grandchildren on how to live a successful life? What does successful mean? In one of Dominik’s linkedin article’s “7 learnings for a more successful life” he already mentioned the one or the other aspect for living a possibly more successful life.

When did you let go the last time in order to be more successful?

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