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Why zenmotero partnered up with Foyer Global Health Insurance

I partnered up with the global health insurance Foyer Global Health (FGH) to travel careless free especially in deserted areas with no medical infrastructure or doctors, respectively.

The insurance is designed for off the beaten path and adventurous travelers like me with its special 24 h Emergency Consulting Model.

Furthermore, I listed the best characteristics of the global health insurance of FGH below:



Gobal Coverage | Foyer Global Health | Travel Insurance | zenmotero

Specialist Doc


Specialist Doctor Recommendation | Foyer Global Health | Travel Insurance | zenmotero



Medication Coverage | Foyer Global Health | Travel Insurance | zenmotero



Advance Payment | Foyer Global Health | Travel Insurance | zenmotero

24 h Emergency


24h Consultation | Foyer Global Health | Travel Insurance | zenmotero



Travel Consulting | Vaccination | Foyer Global Health | Travel Insurance | zenmotero


& Repatriation

Evacuation and Repatriation | Foyer Global Health | Travel Insurance | zenmotero

Online Claim

& eOverview

Online Claim & Overview | Foyer Global Health | Travel Insurance | zenmotero

Do I need Health Insurance?

I still can’t believe that I met some travelers during my world trip who decided not to have a global health insurance during their travels. Let me give you some examples why I believe you MUST have one!

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Disease and other viruses, e.g. Zika

  • The whole civilisation will remember the year 2020 and the outbreak of the global disease COVID-19 or Corona Virus. A global crisis with unexpected consequences nobody could really estimate. Complete health care systems are in risk to collapse and future possible waves of this and other viruses might possess a serious thread for the personal health.


  • In a hostel of Tayrona National Park in Colombia a traveler showed clear symptoms of an infection. His ankle was swollen 2 times the size of his healthy foot. Instead of consulting a doctor he kept pouring boiling water over it. A call at a health insurance could have helped to consult a doctor and get proper medication.

Allergy and Food Intoxication

  • I was suffering several times of severe food intoxications and – intolerance during my travels. Most probably due to poor hygiene and bad food. As a result I could a) not stand on my own feet anymore and b) kept on sweating like the Niagara Falls. C) I had an uncomfortable long term meeting with the bathroom. Luckily, I could call my doctor who consulted me on the medication needs. 


  • On my first motorcycle overland trip in Asia I only used poor quality motorcycle rain gear. I simply had no alternative! In Laos while riding through Luang Prabang my rain coat got stuck in the chain and consequently chocked me almost to death. The coat pulled me backwards, I heard my spine cracking 3 times and fell off my motorcycle. The world stopped spinning and I thought of never being able to stand up anymore. I went to the hospital where I received an X-ray as well as muscle relaxant and pain relief medication. My global health insurance FGH covered all costs immediately.


  • Especially when riding off the beaten path where no medical infrastructure or doctors are available, you need to make sure to have a medical source of consulting available. In my case, I always had a back up doctor on my side who I could consult 24/7 as long as I had net coverage available.

Travel Consultation

  • Before I started my motorcycle adventure in South America I required a travel consultation in regards to vaccination needs. My global health insurance from FGH provided me with the latest information regarding the different countries of South America and possible risks.
BMW 700 GS, Guajira Desert, Colombia
Crashes are unfortunately part of the game, Guajira Desert, Colombia

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Do I need Global Health Insurance?

It is easy. If you don’t have a global health insurance than you should not even consider an adventure like a round the world trip!

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Do your homework before starting your adventures or travels. A travel consulting can help to prevent painful experiences and should be taken seriously into consideration.

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