South America

Machu Picchu Motorcycle Travel South America

South America – a paradise for off the beaten path explorers and motorcycle travellers.

Experience the feeling of freedom while driving the endless landscapes of Patagonia, the never ending mountain roads of the Andes, the Transamazonica and the rainforest of the Amazon, the fascinating culture of the Incas, unique marine and terrestrial wildlife, crystal clear turquoise waters and powder fine beaches and of course the never-ending music rhythms in the night: live, bike, travel and discover the unique wonders of South Americas off the beaten path destinations.

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Landscape along Ruta 68 in Argentina


Ecuador Motorcycle Travel South America

Top Hidden Gems in South America

The beauty of traveling with a motorcycle is the chance to see a South America which the average tourist will never be able to experience. Motorcycling as mode of transport enables to get easily in touch with the local people and experience the culture and history in an unique way. Freedom, adventures and cultural learning need to be newly defined! Get ready to explore South Americas hidden off the beaten path gems.