Motorcycle Accessories and Luggage

Choosing the right motorcycle accessories and luggage can make a huge difference in terms of safety, biking fun and comfort. Below you will find my recommendations about my true and tried accessories and luggage. As a rule of thumb, the less the better 😀 



Well, I am really happy with the quality of the side panniers from GIVI – Dolomiti. Robust, nice looking and affordable. Unfortunately, the contrary is true for the support of the panniers. In case of many kilometres and several crashes it happened to me more than once that I either lost a pannier because the screws (to fix the panniers) got lose or the support got so deformed that made it really difficult to continue my ride. I would buy next time panniers from Touratech or BMW even though they are significantly more expensive (from other bikers I heard they should be more reliable). If you want to save money and still want to have “good enough quality” GIVI might be an option.

GIVI Waterproof Storm Bags – 35 l


They are really great and I can absolutely recommend them. 100 % waterproof and easy to carry around. Without them for sure your stuff gets wet! Get them!

GIVI Tank Bag ST603


Generally very happy with the “click” system of this bag. Easy to fix and to remove, makes this bag highly flexible in terms of carrying it with you. I like the mobile phone holder which is really user friendly and the large volume. It easily fits my camera and additional objectives as well as a first aid kit and other useful things I regularly need.

On the downside, I was not really happy with the zipper which broke already after approx. 20’000 km. I had to replace it with a new and more robust one…

Northface Bag


A lot of bikers are using this bag from Northface. After using it, I am actually asking myself why?! I am not talking about its robustness and nice storage volume but the fact that the bag is not water proof. In case of heavy rain… and you will experience this… everything inside gets wet. I would not buy it anymore and check out a different model next time.

Deuter Rucksack with 3 l Water Reservoir

I could not find anymore the exact model of my Deuter Backpack but anything which is suitable for doing a day trip hiking in combination with a 3 liters waterbed is great and absolutely necessary.

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