Motorcycle Camping – All What You Need on An Adventure Motorcycle Trip

Motorcycle Camping

Choosing the right motorcycle camping gear is absolutely crucial for a pleasant and long term motorcycle journey. Below you will find my recommendations based on own experience.


To be honest with you, I still prefer sleeping under a roof in a hostel or airbnb than pitching my tent somewhere along the road. In South America or Central America I would not feel very comfortable to do so in non secure areas. This changed rapidly when I arrived in the USA and Canada where the average hostel costs are around 40 USD a night and a simple motel around 70 USD. You won’t have a choice anymore unless you have the necessary change with you :p

My friends from Brazil gave me a simple one-man-tent which was doing an “ok job”. The set up was really easy and I had sufficient space for all of my gear and myself. This was also the problem…

Sleeping in a tent after heavy rainfall when your clothes are wet until the underwear or a long dusty road or significant cold or heat is definitely no fun anymore. Don’t believe the romantic stories other people are telling you on Instagram.

Certainly, there are exceptions when camping is really fun like, for example, the picture you see on top of this site (The Toe, McCarthy in Alaska). This is truly an amazing experience!

What you should be taking into consideration when purchasing a tent is the following:

1. Small size and weight

You will have to carry it with you for the complete trip – therefore, the smaller the better)

2. Form

My last tent was not self standing and I always needed a soft ground to insert the hooks of my tent. You can guess what happened when the ground was rocky… exactly… it was not possible to pitch it. Therefore, choose a tent which can be pitched independently from the ground (“self-standing”)

3. Ventilation

Make sure your tent has enough room for air circulation or ventilation, respectively. My last tent had a tiny hole and made breathing quite a challenge after a while. Especially after waking up the complete inside was wet due to the condensation of breath etc. No big surprise but I am sure in higher quality tents this would be better!

4. Tarp or Awning

As mentioned above make sure that you can leave your stuff under the tarp of your tent outside. You will have more space in the main tent and no issues with smelly or wet clothes and boots.

5. Waterproof

Make sure the tent has a sufficient level of being water proof. It is no fun if it suddenly rains into your “house”

Sleeping Bag NorthFace


When I started my trip, I knew it would be crucial to have a warm sleeping bag which covers also temperatures around or minus 0 °Celsius. Therefore, I decided to buy a Northface sleeping bag which unfortunately came with huge packing dimensions. I was happy for its performance but it took a lot of space on my bike. I would try to buy another one with small packing dimensions. Worst case, sleep with more layers on…

Sea to Summit (large) Self Inflatable Isomattress

I tried 3 different mattresses until I found my perfect travel companion: The Sea to Summit self inflatable sleeping pad. It is very small in size and high in comfort. Highly recommended!



I was very happy with the performance of the headlamp by Black Diamond. Just be careful it does not switch on automatically while driving 😀

Bear Spray


Latest in Alaska you need it. Bears might seem cute but are wild animals and unexpected encounters are quite common. Therefore, I bought a bear spray which I carried with me all the time. Better safe than sorry…

Light Sticks


Not just for camping but also in case you are waiting for road assistance. Helps you to keep visible in the night…

Inflatable Pillow


This inflatable pillow was doing an ok job. Most of the time I also used a couple of clothes in addition to the pillow to have a more comfortable sleep. In general, I need to work with a pillow and this self inflatable pillow is quite stiff…

Mosquito Net Sea to Summit

Small in pack size and providing protection against mosquitos. Did a good job and would recommend taking one along.

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