Motorcycle Care and Maintenance – What You Need on An Adventure Motorcycle Trip

Choosing the right motorcycle care and maintenance are absolutely crucial for a safe long term motorcycle journey. Below you will find my recommendations 

Gorilla Tape

If you need one thing… then for sure Gorilla tape to fix anything on short notice! This is basic survival gear you simply always should have with you. From fixing broken panniers to taping my go pro… anything works!

Cable ties 

If you need another thing than gorilla tape… then for sure it is cable ties. Get a couple of different sizes with you. They are great to fix stuff immediately… You never know for what but they are highly useful!

Helmet and Visor Cleaner – Wacker S100

Great product from Dr. Wacker. Small and long lasting, this nice cleaning product comes with a great microfibre tissue to help getting free visibility.

Helmet Cleaner Motorex

Think about riding your bike for weeks in a desert or super hot areas with more than 40°C. This foam simply goes inside your helmet, let it soak in and wish it off. Ready… Bad smell gone! Fresh breeze guaranteed 🙂 Highly recommended!

Motul C4 Chain Lube

My chain lubricant of choice. Sticks at the chain without “flying” off… Beautiful!


Super important in case you need to repair something at your bike… Check if you have all tools available in order to be able to unscrew all.

Leatherman Wave


My all-in-one tool which I had always with me in my tank bag. Highly recommended from simply cutting bread to repairing simple things. Get it!

Tubeless Tire Repair Kit


Anyone who is riding with tubeless tires… this is a MUST! Never ride without! Logical, right 😉

Extra Tubeless Tire Repair Plugs


Carry spare plugs with you… You never know how many flat tires you might have. Be on the safe side…

Tire Repair Kit Liquid


In case the holes are too small (possibly barb wire or spikes from plants) you want to make sure you carry also a liquid tire repair kit with you.



I decided to have a small air compressor with me in case of flat tires. Once I managed to attach the pump to the tire, I had the problem to get the pump starting. I don’t know exactly why the BMW made such problems with this device. I had the same issue with charging my mobile phone actually.

Only when switching off and on the ignition for a couple of time the compressor would be working. It gave me some headache the first time but got used to it after a while and then the compressor works well.

Additionally, I always had a normal bicycle pump with me too.

Long Rope

In case you are running out of petrol or have mechanical issues and need someone to tow you away.

Light sticks


Imagine it gets dark and your bike breaks down. You want to make sure you are visible… Get a few knick lights in an outdoor shop. They don’t take a lot of space and can be very helpful.

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