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Power needs to be newly defined - the BMW 1250 GS Adventure Exclusive

After I had to leave unfortunately “Fury” this year in Brazil behind, it was about time to try out new adventure motorcycles on the market. What could be better than to test ride the top model of BMW Motorrad and wanted to share my review of the BMW 1250 GS Adventure with you.

BMW Klaus Mayer in Germany does not only sell motorcycles but rents them out professionally as well. Let me tell you more about my experience…

BMW Motorrad Shop Klaus Mayer in Mannheim, Germany
BMW Motorrad Shop Klaus Mayer in Mannheim, Germany

Motorcycle Review BMW 1250 GS Adventure

After I already had the pleasure to test ride the incredible BMW 850 GS on the German Weinstrasse last year, I called once more Klaus Mayer BMW Mottoradshop in Mannheim, Germany (close to Frankfurt). The owner Johannes and his son Felix are incredibly friendly people and after shortly describing my intention they did not hesitate and immediately confirmed my motorcycle rental and test ride.

Let me start with the physical appearance of the bike… the easy start, lol.

BMW 1250 GS Adventure – The Exclusive Version

The BMW 1250 GS Adventure Exlusive version comes in a so called “Kalamata metallic matt NA2” version with a black and grey colored seat. It looks massive and reminds me more of a military tank than of a motorcycle to be honest with you. It is simply impressive and when I first was a bit skeptical (I liked more the appearance of the BMW 1250 GS Adventure HP), I felt later on in love with the design.

Emergency Call

This is absolutely a phenomenal feature of the new 1250 GSA. I always used to carry my SPOT device during my round the world trip with “Fury”. Now, this device has a similar function but with a direct connection to a safety officer who is contacting you via a speaker to check your health conditions after an accident.

I would not be zenmotero if I would have not checked this safety feature on its functionality, lol. While trying to push the bike backwards I slightly lost the balance in such a way that the 1250 GSA tipped over to the right side. Consequently, the 168 kg of weight were following the physical rules and my dream bike landed on the road, ARGH!!!!

What I did not expect was the immediate activation of the emergency call and not even 5 seconds after a friendly man asked me about my well being. I told him that the wind pushed the bike to the side and that everything was ok, lol.

As a result I had to pick up my monster as well which was surprisingly not difficult at all. At least I had experience from my “Overland the Americas” Trip :p

Awesome function - the SOS Bottom of the BMW 1250 GS Adventure
Awesome function – the SOS Bottom of the BMW 1250 GS Adventure


I would have loved to say the BMW 1250 GS Adventure is the perfect bike. But like in real life there is no such thing as perfection and there were a few things I did not appreciate.

The barkbusters were really cheap and got even loose (the screws) due to the vibration of the powerful engine. This was really disappointing actually and I bet those guards would break with the first crash. A premium bike with such a premium price deserves a better choice.

Furthermore, I had to laugh when I was using the horn of the 1250 GSA. It sounds ridiculous and for sure needs to be exchanged. In large cities and its horrible traffic like Lima in Peru or La Paz in Bolivia you want to make sure to be heard.

The combination of 268 kg weight and a very high seat position (890 / 910 mm) results in a possible risk to let the bike drop and a difficulty to maneuver the “tank” while standing. This is especially the case when going off-road or when trying to re-arrange the bike on uneven surfaces. My recommendation for short riders: Lower the seat, wear motorcycle boots with heels (no high heels 😉 and go into the gym, lol.

My Conclusion of the BMW 1250 GS Adventure Exclusive

The BMW 1250 GS Adventure Exclusive is without doubt one of the most advanced adventure motorcycles on the market.

After overcoming initial mental barriers concerning the size and weight of the “monster” it is incredibly easy to ride and navigate. The gigantic power of 136 horsepowers are a lot of fun when carefully managed.

Short riders like me (172.5 cm) will encounter difficulties with the enormous weight and height of the motorcycle while rearranging on uneven surfaces or when going off-road.

The BMW 1250 GS Adventure is because of its smooth suspension, comfortable riding position and large tank volume the perfect long touring motorcycle.

I am however not 100 % convinced to take this ride into deserted areas because of the above mentioned concerns and experiences. A further off-road training to enhance skills seems to be mandatory. Who is inviting me? 😀

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