The Beauty and the Beast

After two days in Kandy, we moved up North to visit the ancient royal city Polonnaruwa. Two nights in a wood made honey moon suit, with a king size bed and a beautiful bathroom. 40€. The perfect backpacker dream, we could not refuse. The 6-hours bus trip without AC and packed with people felt almost comfortable as we knew what was waiting for us. Once arrived, check-in: our room confirmed our expectations and the mattress was comfortable enough for Mr. Dominik ;-). We left the hotel for our afternoon activities. We climbed up the Pidurangala Rock which offered an amazing view of the surrounding area. We had a delicious curry for dinner and went back to the room early, looking forward to our dreams.

Alert n°1: Emilie.
Brushing her teeth in the bathroom… 


A massive cockroach was crawling on the wall. Massive was an euphemism: the length of a finger and the width of two. In a courageous attempt, Dom tried to crush the guy with the bin while Emilie was finding shelter in the bed, her face now covered with toothpaste. Don’t think the beast would give up so easily on the beauty: it quickly ran down the wall, ended up on the floor, continued his race in the room between Dom’s feet, and led his way between the cupboard and our bed. Finally, a flip-flop did the job…for this one.

Alert n°2: Dom.

Honey, I think we have a second alert…

Another massive one was crawling on the wall, just above our bed…Unfortunately, the successful flip-flop failed on this one. Damn. The nasty dude was running so fast. It disappeared between the planks of the wall before we had a chance to smash it. Picturing the invader settling in our bed and begging for a hug during the night, we quickly put the mosquito net around it so no invasion could be attempted by our special guest.We agreed that none of us would leave the bed until the next morning. Now barricaded in our bed, the survival mode ON, we were finally ready to sleep when we realized that our backpacks were wide open on the floor.

What if our colonizer would settle there for the night and bring a new dynasty to life in our backpacks…?

Anyway, better in our bags than in our hairs.We went under the blanket and tried to catch some sleep. We were highly determined not to let this opportunist intruder disturb our sleep in our dearest king size bed.

Alert n°3. Into the darkness.
We switched off the light.

Honey…do you hear this noise?
Or am I completely paranoid?

There was this noise…You know, this typical teeming noise from crawling insects you wished to never hear. We were about to realize that our place was literally infested with cockroaches. And we would need more courage and stronger weapons than a bin or a flip flop to get rid of this crowd invading our place. Our determination and courage dropped off drastically. We sushi-rolled ourselves in the blanket to prevent any attack and we put our destiny in holy hands for the rest of the night.

Yes, we survived and our gift was another white night. Never mind, another six-hour bus trip was waiting for us the next day.
Be Zen they said.

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