Day 0: A Last Medical Check Up And The Birth of Operation Steppenwolf

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Before starting my motorcycle adventure I had somehow the inner need to have a last travel consulting and check up by a medical doctor. Since I was reading lately a lot about altitude sickness I was a bit worried and just wanted to make sure. Better safe than sorry! Certainly my adventure would lead me to the Andes, a mountain region with an average height of 4’000 m I was never experiencing before. After researching on the world wide web and some Facebook groups in Sao Paulo I found the contact details of a German speaking GP, located just a 30 minutes walk away from my compound. Luckily, Dr Karl had a time slot within a few days available and on Saturday I went for a nice sunny morning walk to see the…

God in White

When I opened the door to the doctor’s office a ceramic was welcoming me in German “Herzlich Willkommen”. I felt like being home and everyone must have heard my weight falling off my shoulders. The friendly assistant was recording my personal data and just after 5 minutes a man with white beard and white coat came around the corner. “Hallo mein Name ist Dr Karl, komm bitte mit”. I was delighted!

Travel Consulting | Medical Check Up | Health Insurance | Dr. Karl | São Paulo, Brazil

Calm like a rock in the sea he was listening to my plans and gave me highly valuable recommendations and medicine I could possibly take, just in case.

One medicine he could not prescribe… an excellent suggestion for the case of an emergency situation… A “Signalisador” or a signal gun. Excellent… While I thought my shopping list was ticked off, another important item had just been added.

An Adventure Medical Doctor

Dr Karl went himself already to Argentina in order to explore the rough and beautiful geographical landscape with a 4×4. Certainly he was also interested in studying the effects of altitude on himself and his friends. As a GP he was in particular interested in the development of the oxygen content with varying altitude levels. One of his friend’s values was so low that he would have linked him anywhere else to an oxygen supply machine, he said 😀

Operation Steppenwolf

After asking me if I would be traveling with someone else I explained to ride the first couple of months solo while my girlfriend joining later on in the year. He just smiled and commented… like a “Steppenwolf”. Every adventure deserves a name and suddenly “Operation Steppenwolf” was born.

Just when I was about to leave he gave me his contact details and offered me to be his personal “travel doctor” and available for consultation upon request 😀

Muito obrigado!

What a great adventure traveler and doctor… Thank you Dr Karl for this great travel consulting and medical check up! Muito Obrigado!

Prescription & Medication Coverage

After receiving the huge list of medication (basically anything from headache to worst case scenario) I went to the next pharmacy to tick off another item on my travel planing list. The consulting and medication costs were luckily immediately covered by my global health insurance.

The location of Dr Karl Rosenfeld

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