Day 96: Arequipa to Arica – How I Became a Motoquiero Tucumano

What a nice day… leaving Arequipa early before the crazy rush hour started and struggling a bit with finding the way out of the town, I finally enjoyed the drive through another nice desert scenery. The day could have been really nice until… until…

the border crossing to Chile came, lol. My worst experience in terms of administrative non-sense!!! I wasted like 2 hours which felt like a week and thought I’d give a short instruction to people who are planning to cross this wonderful border with its unbelievable friendly people:

  • There is a Casino upstairs, go to old lady – get the document for motorbikes – 3 Soles (This is no joke! Don’t ask why!!!! LOL)
  • Go to any of the border control lines – there is always both: Peru and Chile immigration together
  • Give passport, they will provide exit and entry stamp
  • Go to the next station which is just across
  • Give back the SUAT to Peruvian Checkpoint
  • Go to Chileanen Checkpoint and get “white paper”
  • Fill it out
  • Give every document to the officer
  • Go to carentine station, get another paper, fill it out
  • Get motorbike and drive in front of carentine station… Unload all baggage and let it check by the officers inside the building
  • Show paper to officer outside the building and get stamp
  • You need in total 6 stamps on your paper (the one from the old lady) and show it at the exit station for entering Chile
  • Keep the paper safe; you need it for possible checkpoints along the way…

Without the help of the Motoquieros Tucomanos, a super great motorbike club from Argentina I would have spent most likely the night at the border. I luckily could join them for the rest of the day and we celebrated our successful border crossing with a couple of beers in the evening 😀 I became officially a Tucomano 😀

Arequipa to Arica