Day 23: Pixaim to Caceres – First signs of material weaknesses of the bike accessories

Mechanic in Caceres

On my way to Caceres and through the Transpantaneira, I did not only feel exhausted I also realized the first weaknesses of the accessoiries of my bike. It was not the first time that the GIVI support failed in holding the construction together.

Either the support is not made for offroad riding or the sidepanels are too heavy. Anyways, both cases should not be a problem for it. Obviously it was and I was risking to further damage the panniers and much more.

At my final destination of that day I arrived at the border town of Brazil, called Caceres.

A nice mechanic

Luckily, I still found a nice mechanic who was willing to help me out. He knew immediately that the support was lose and unscrewed the backpart of the bike, just to reveal lose screws which were supposed to fix the support. He managed to bring it back in shape and did not even ask for a single penny.

Certainly, I was thankful and gave him anyways some bugs for his help.

Where to sleep in Caceres

I finally found a great place “Village Hotel” to stay and met again super nice people in the hotel.

Village Hotel Caceres (Source:
Village Hotel Caceres (Source:

Boa noite!

From Pixaim to Caceres