Day 33 to 34: Itacare to Salvador – Brazil’s Historic Heart

After I recovered from my Bahia’n food experience I continued my way to Salvador, the First Capital of Brazil which has been founded by the Portuguese in 1549.

I decided to take a short cut and consequently a ferry which took me across the bay of Salvador.

My first impression of Salvador? Overwhelming… it is huge.

It took me ages to cross the city from one end to the other. I heard that the neighborhood of Rio Vermelho should be really nice and especially safe. The later aspect was the reason to actually stay there.

Before arriving in Rio Vermelho and while passing a favela I heard three gun shots very close by. It reminded me of my risky situation in a favela of Sao Paulo but this time the shots were real. Overall I was surprised to see that massive amount of poor neighborhoods in Salvador and realized why people told me to be careful.

I went to the Salvador Hostel which was one of the best hostels I ever stayed in. The rooms were spacious and had separate cabins which were creating a sort of privacy 🙂

I immediately went out to explore the area and felt immediately in love with the neighborhood.

Rio Vermelho is characterised by lots of street art, bars with live music and restaurants as well as a beautiful beach close by.

I decided to join a walking tour in order to get to know the history of Salvador. Unfortunately I could not find a group and had to book an individual guide just for myself… luxury.

We first stopped at the fortress of Salvador which used to be one of several defence units to protect the city from enemies coming over the sea side.

I was amazed by the historic center of the old town which reminded me a lot of Lisboa. It made me nostalgic and I thought about my time in this beautiful capital of Portugal. Anyways, The cobble stone streets, the old colonial style architecture of the colourful houses and the rumbling street life were simply fascinating.

In the evening I enjoyed again the nightlife of Salvador, nipped at my caipirinha while listening to live music. Viva Brasil!

Salvador… I just had short but nevertheless amazing time with you! Obrigado!

Itacaré to Salvador